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Enjoy the Forest Spa. Check availability.

Individual space, time for each guest

We are chosen by those who seek peace and tranquility by nature.

  Story of Forest SPA

Meža SPA services

In Nature space

Body massage

Individual body massages that relieve stress and allow you to regain inner peace and well-being Check dates and book

Bath ritual

Sacred bath therapy that allows experience and discover new sensations       ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­   Check dates and book

Spa recreation in the tub

Specially prepared bath tub with aromatic herbs for enjoyable relaxation in the fresh air   Check dates and book

SPA therapy for health, beauty and wellness

Bath, SPA master Mareks Liepa

“The time and attention that we give ourselves gives us the opportunity to enjoy life in all its manifestations”

Being in the evergreen and healing forest


The secrets of well-being

By changing our habitat environment from the ordinary to the forest, giving our bodies millions of hormones of happiness, breathing in the powerful energy of nature, we become truly and happy.



Guest reviews

  • Charming autumn bath ritual with pine needles and rowan. Thanks for pampering!
  • Peaceful place. Bath enjoys close proximity to the sea, wind and sun. Latvian bath traditions and bath master skills!  
  • A fantastic place surrounded by forest, where you can be yourself...
  • So many wonders of nature were experienced in one day by the gift of the is universe. I left for a year and finally got it :). If you want to enjoy a true bath ritual for the soul / spirit, then definitely go to the bath master Mareks Liepa.
  • An extremely relaxing bath afternoon with Latvian herbals and herbal "aromatherapy" like whipping with purifying yarrow brushes, then tansy aroma brushes, etc. - it cannot be told, but you can enjoy it and in the coming days feel the lightness of the bath - who knows hot or "steaming", this will also be rated as 5 out of 5!

Delightful recreation and NATURE SPA

Forest Apartments, Jūrkalne parish, Ventspils district
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